Seed Crackers

These simple cheese crackers have a satisfying crunch and are packed full of goodness. So often crackers are simple carbs that spike your sugar and offer little in terms of nutrition. Not these guys.
Welcome Cape Town to a simple home-baked recipe, I will link you to the store. For those of you living further afield-
none of these ingredients is hard to find, I do find that traditional stores charge excessively for Psyllium and Sesame, it is worth
asking your local Indian supply shop if they can source both.
250g Sunflower seeds
250g Sesame seeds
100g Pumpkin seeds
500ml of water
2.5 Tbspn Psyllium Husk
1/4 + tspn salt (depending on taste)
Preheat your oven to 160 degrees Celsius.
1) Mix the Psyllium husk and water. This will start to thicken fairly quickly.
2) Mix in the remaining ingredients.
3) Spread across silicon sheet (or good quality baking paper with a  spray and cook layer). It is a good idea to create the shape of cracker that you want. Something with the same circumference as those tasteless rice crackers work well. Alternatively, make one enormous one and break it into pieces once cooked
4) Bake for 1 hour – start checking after 50 mins.
Spread with nut butter or cheese and enjoy.

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