Gluten Free Flour

One of the paths you will probably embark on going gluten free is the denial phase, the “I can find a flour mix that will behave like wheat”. Despite the thousands of claims out there it simply is not true. Modern wheat is so over-bred that it leaks gluten into the soil, being a wheat baker has never been easier.

Hopefully you are ready for the next path, which is discovering recipes which allow you to use gluten-free flours because there is no need for masses of glue. I will post recipes for gluten free choux pastry, I can even offer a decent bread recipe (which I don’t make any more, because I have moved past that need), tortilla (easy), pancakes (a cinch).


Here is a very simple and forgiving gluten free flour that I use for general purposes. If you don’t like making your own there are plenty of options to buy.


General Purpose Gluten Free Flour

Tapicoa 300g

Rice 400g

Sorghum 250g

Quinoa 50g

You will need to mill these. I use my thermomix on high until I have a fine consistency. The glue I add for each recipe as needed, this could be an egg, or is often the miracle of the gluten free kitchen, Psyllium husk.


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