Chia Seed Broth

Chia seeds are a little miracle. Vegans use them as an egg replacement so, much like Psyllium Husk, they provide a binding effect. You soak them in water before use (please never put them in your mouth dry!). They absorb water merrily. I use them in a ratio of 1 seeds:4 water. So 2 tablespoons (30ml scoop) of seeds get 20 minutes or so of soaking in a half cup (125 ml) of water.

These grow and come to resemble something like frog-spawn. Don’t let this put you off!

Is your tummy upset and you are getting hungry and don’t know where to turn? Then try this out for an amazingly restorative solution:


30ml Chia seeds

125ml Water

250 to 500 ml Chicken broth

The chicken broth I make after a roast chicken. If you live in Cape Town and the surrounds check out these amazing free range chickens.


Cover the bones in water and simmer until the volume has reduced by half. This should give you a good tasty broth. Soak the Chia seeds in water whilst this is bubbling away, the broth may take an hour or two and the Chia seeds need only 20 minutes, but you can not over soak them! Combine, salt to taste and enjoy something that will be both gentle on you upset tum, and restorative to your immune system.

image of chia seed soup

Chia Seed Broth



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