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Gluten Free Living

The key ingredient to allow gluten-free living that is (somewhat) similar to your glutenous lifestyle is an amazing product called psyllium husk. 1 teaspoon in baking provides a gel matrix to capture air bubbles (or reinforce the raising properties of egg). It also acts as a glue, the missing ingredient once you have no wheat. It is a source of indigestible fiber so it is also excellent for your colon.

You may not ever each a sandwich again, but there are some amazing gluten free wraps. Pizza will be different, but do-able.

Diabetic living

The key ingredient to diabetic living is raw food. The extremists would propose going entirely raw. It can be difficult to make such a drastic change in your life. So make a small change. Cooking a curry or a stew: then chop up some broccoli or cauliflower into little pieces and add them raw at the end, your mouth will never notice, but your gut and blood sugar levels will.

Alternative sweeteners

Our jury is out on these. Xylitol does keep blood sugar levels lower, so we use it. We also use honey, because it has a slightly lower glycemic index than sugar. The trick is to stop trying to replace all those bad habits (those cakes and biscuits) with some diabetic or gluten free alternatives, why is it that every diabetic cookbook has puddings and cakes? Nuts are amazing. Dried fruit is very sweet, but it also provides fiber which slows down digestion of the fruit. There are healthy ways to snack. Make dark chocolate at home, it is more satisfying to any chocolate craving than the sweet shop-bought stuff.

Gluten free, diabetic friendly options that you can buy from us are:

  • psyllium husk
  • raw oats
  • nuts
  • almond flour and pecan dust
  • oils
  • pulses and seeds
  • sweeteners

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