Woo Commerce Variable Products

Jelena- you are going to collapse multiple entries of a product into just one.

Go to your Product Tab under WooCommerce and navigate to the shared google sheet I sent this morning. The first two items are Almonds. Almond, raw 1kg and 500g. In Woo Commerce, you create this as 1 item with 2 mass properties. This is known as a variable product.

Leave one entry for Almond and delete the rest. Open the remaining one and scroll down until you see this work-station:




Select from the menu to switch the product data to be a variable product as below. Doing so allows the item to have attributes associated.


Select Mass from “custom product attribute”  list, I set these up for you earlier. Then you can look at the spreadsheet and see what values this product needs- in this example 1Kg, 500g, and 250g as shown below.


Choose the option below Attributes on the menu and you are in Variations. Here you can provide the price and other details for the variation. To do so requires an expand (as so often is the case in WordPress).









Expand allows you access to the data for each variant. Enter your price here, and repeat for all variants. Enter T on the google sheet “variation_done” column.


“Save Changes” using the blue button of that name, and go and amend the item name and slug. Save Changes using the normal blue Update button.

Give me a holler if you need a walkthrough.

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