1st July 2017


Living in Delight is an online “health food” shop with its roots in Cape Town. We can deliver via courier and have free delivery on orders of a certain size and for a cheaper option, we have arranged local pick up points. For nuts, seeds, dried fruit, gluten-free goods, flour, sweeteners, honey and more visit the online store.

Living in Delight brings healthy foods to food lovers in Cape Town at prices you can be happy with. We have been doing this since 2012. We want people to consciously choose wholesome products. A snack of dried Mango is not the same thing as fruit roll, have you looked at the ingredients in fruit roll? You should, if you are gluten intolerant, you must (wheat in a fruit roll, seriously do they have to bulk everything with wheat?). Dried fruit does not need added sugar to make it delicious which is why you will not find fruit rolls or peanuts covered in sugar here!

How we do it

Popular items we buy in bulk to pass the savings on to you. Others we only order in as they are needed, in this way, there is no stock loss and therefore we pass the savings on to you. That does mean there is a lead time, please order before you are hungry! The foods we sell are the go-slow grow type, such as Almonds, Brazils, Raw Honey. The business model mirrors the food, it is about quality goods for your stomach, not a next-day delivery service.

Packaging matters

When we package goods ourselves we use compostable starch bags. This is our Earth, the only excuse for plastic is a lack of imagination. The up-side to the Health Connection products that we stock is that they use resealable plastic bags, at least they can be used and re-used after you have finished the goods inside. Please recycle once you have finished with them.

Do I really save?

We visited one of the larger, and cheaper Health Food shops in Cape Town (on 02/02/2016) 1kg of Xylitol will would have cost you R139.95. Our price on the same day was R113. We are consistently cheaper than the high street alternatives.

What do we supply?

  • Baked goods and baking aids
  • Cereals, Grains and Flours
  • Condiments
  • Fruit, Nuts and Nut Products
  • Milk alternatives
  • Oils
  • Pulses and seeds
  • Supplements
  • Sweeteners
  • Raw honey

Gluten Free Living

Image of cheese souffles

Gluten Free Cheese Souffle

The majority of items on the list support a Gluten Free lifestyle. There is also a blog section to the site to provide some great recipe ideas, we know it is a challenge to live Gluten Free and we are here to help.

Most recipes posted will be tuned for use of a thermomix, never fear if you do not have one it is simply a food processor that also cooks. Blending is often simply a cheats version of chopping. If you are interested in getting a thermomix and want to ask questions then use the form below. You can not buy a thermomix in a shop, so you have to find yourself an agent and they will attempt to turn you into an agent too, which – in our humble opinion – makes it a pyramid scheme. However, you can simply say “no thanks”, buy the thing and walk away, owning the best kitchen tool invented after the knife.

Contact Us

If you wish to arrange a different pickup point, or inquire about a product that is not listed please drop us a message.

Comments or questions are welcome.

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